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UPDATE: 49 Rabbits Found Living in Deplorable Conditions find homes

New Mexico, now called Trucker, was the last of the surrendered rabbits to be adopted from FMAS. Rabbits are still available at local animal rescues.

Forty-nine rabbits were surrendered to FMAS after they were discovered living in deplorable living conditions by the Manchester Police Department Animal Control Division. Twenty-two rabbits in total were adopted from FMAS, while the others were transferred to a local shelter and rabbit rescue group.

“Fortunately, the rabbits were in really good shape,” says Shelter Manager, Shelley Greenglass. “They were friendly and many did well with cats, dogs and children, so they were easy to place with loving families.”

New Mexico—a male, lop-eared rabbit—was the last from this group to find his new home. His new name is ‘Trucker’, and according to his mom, Heather Mimms, he’s a great rabbit that loves being pet and enjoys bouncing around the house during the day and sleeping in his crate at night. The whole family, including the cat, enjoys having him as part of the family.

All rabbits were spayed or neutered before they went to their new homes.

We’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who donated hay, leafy greens, carrots, salt licks and cash towards sterilization surgery and the rabbits’ daily care. The board, staff and volunteers of FMAS were truly humbled by the generosity and support of the community.

Some rabbits are still available at the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire in Bedford and House Rabbit Rescue in Woburn, MA.

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