Home for the Holidays 2012

Until They All Have Homes...

Manchester Animal Shelter

Each year, over 1,700 stray and abandoned animals come to FMAS off the streets of Manchester. They are malnourished, sick, and most are not spayed or neutered. Most are affectionate and friendly and some need time to trust the kindness of humans.

Through your generosity, each one gets the medical care, shelter, food and love they need until they find their new families.

This holiday season, please consider making a donation to Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter to help a cat or dog come one step closer to finding their forever homes. Your gift will go straight to use giving shelter, food, and medical care to over 150 animals currently with FMAS.

For animals like Bryce and Smokey, you are a light in their dark and scary worlds. Thank you.

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Smokey’s Story

Manchester Animal Shelter Smokey

My owner tried to strangle me to death because he could not afford my medical care. When I passed out, he left me for dead. A kind stranger heard my cries, as I lay in pain in a dark parking lot corner. She saved me, and brought me to the Veterinary Emergency Care Center and they called FMAS.

FMAS rushed to help me. I was so scared and I couldn’t trust anyone. I didn’t believe them when they told me that they would find me a good home where I would be safe. I didn’t believe them when they told me that everything would be alright, but I didn’t know about you and people like you.

Because of you, FMAS was able to provide the medical care I needed to get on the road to recovery. I was also given a warm place to sleep and the special food that would cure my bad health. But, most of all, because of you, I found my new home where I am loved.

There are many cats and dogs at FMAS, with stories of their own. I know how lucky they are to be in the care of FMAS, because they are already loved by you. Thank you for supporting FMAS!

Bryce’s Story

Manchester Animal Shelter Bryce

When I came to FMAS over 80% of my body was covered in dermatitis, a severe skin infection, and I had food allergies that also caused my skin to break out. I was in a lot of pain, but I didn’t let it get me down. I still loved to play and get belly rubs—I love belly rubs!

I’m so grateful that even though my medical care was time consuming and costly, no one ever gave up on me. FMAS found great foster homes for me to stay in while I recovered, and what do you know? My last foster family fell in love with me and I fell in love with them.

Thank you for supporting FMAS, and making it possible for dogs and cats like me to get a new lease on life. Because of you, I’m 100% healthy and I have a loving family and a warm home to call my own this holiday season. Not all animals are so lucky, but I know that one day all the animals at FMAS will be in their own homes for the holidays, and, until then, they are in good hands because of good people like you.

Please Donate


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