Lost Pets

Tips for finding your lost pet.

If your pet is lost in Manchester, report it to us immediately. If someone finds your pet, there is a good chance it will end up at our shelter. If your pet does come into the shelter, it will be put on hold (cats will be held for 3 days and dogs for 7 days) in hopes that you will come looking for them. Plan to visit the shelter every 2-3 days while your pet is missing, and bring in a recent photo to help us identify it.

Tips for Finding Your Pet

First, check inside the house to make sure they are not hiding (especially cats). Places you might want to check include:

  • Reclining chairs
  • In box spring mattresses
  • Under beds
  • Behind and inside furniture or appliances
  • In the chimney
  • In heating ducts
  • Wrapped in the bottom of drapes
Call Shelters

Once you have searched the house you will want to contact your local shelter and surrounding shelters in the area. Start searching your outside property. Start by checking bushes and trees in the yard. You will also want to check surrounding properties; be sure to check under sheds, porches and any other hiding spots an animal might be able to fit. Also check for abandoned properties or empty houses near the home.

Talk to Neighbors, Print Flyers

Go door to door to neighbors asking if they have seen your lost animal, bringing a photo along to show – it will help the people recognize your pet. The more people you tell, the more eyes you will have watch out for your pet – this will help in pin-pointing where your pet might be or has been.

Print flyers to hang in your neighborhood and at local shelters. Flyers with pictures are easier for people to identify your missing pet. Place an ad in the local paper. If you have recently moved, check your old neighborhood.

Keep Vigil

Leave food and water out on a porch along with a belonging that has a familiar scent.

Go out at night when everything is quiet, call for your pet and listen for any response. The best time is between 1 and 5 AM when it is dark and quiet. It will be easier for your pet to hear you call them and also for you to hear them if they meow or bark or if they happen to be trapped up a tree or possibly in a shed.

Don’t Give Up!

Do not give up after a few days! Many pets have been found weeks or even months after they disappear.

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