Animal Adoption Process

Whether you are looking for your first family pet or adding on to your existing “family,” the staff at the Manchester Animal Shelter can help you find that special someone who is right for your home. The members of our cat-care and dog-care teams have a lot of experience matching up the right pet with the right situation, and making sure that your new pet is properly introduced to your current pets. Click here to learn more about the pets we have available for adoption.

Please understand that the Manchester Animal Shelter is not a pet store. Our goal is to find permanent loving homes for our residents so that they do not end up back on the streets, and ultimately back in our shelter. So we do things a little differently.

When you come into the shelter looking for a pet, a staff person will take you around and show you the animals we have available. As you look around, you may be asked questions about other pets you own, or have owned, or if you have small children, and even the type of home or apartment you live in. This is all part of making the right match. Some animals are not good with children, others require a lot of running room, and some are downright aggressive with other cats or dogs, so it is important that we know the type of environment the animal is going into.

If you would like to interact with a particular animal, ask a volunteer for assistance (never open a cage on your own!). If you happen to fall in love with a furry face, you will be asked to fill out an application on that animal. Please be aware that we may take multiple applications on an animal, so you do not “have” the animal until your application is reviewed and approved by management. Sometimes this can be done on the spot, but it may take up to 48 hours or more if there are special considerations with the animal you are trying to adopt.

When filling out the application, you will need the following:
  • If you do not own your home, you must provide the name of your landlord and a phone number where he/she can be reached during the day.
  • If you own other pets (or have owned any in the past 7 years), be prepared to tell us basic information about them and their age.
  • If you currently have a pet, we will need the name and contact information of your veterinarian.

Adoption fees are currently as follows:

  • Senior Dogs (8 years and older): $100.00
  • Adult Dogs (7 months – 7 years): $275.00
  • Puppies (8 weeks – 6 months): $350.00
  • Seniors for Seniors Dogs (Seniors 65+ adopting over 8 years): $50.00
  • Senior Cats (8 years and older): $35.00
  • Adult Cats(7 months to 7 years): $95.00
  • Kittens (8 weeks to 6 months): $140.00
  • Senior for Seniors-Cats (Seniors 65+ adopting over 7 years): $25.00
  • Rabbits and Ferrets – $60
  • Other animal pricing – please contact us.
  • All animals “of age” will have received their rabies & distemper vaccinations and been spayed/neutered prior to being picked up. We have a 100% spay/neuter policy; every animal (including puppies and kittens) are fixed prior to adoption.
  • Adoption fees are subject to change with or without notice.
  • All dogs are microchipped and heartworm tested prior to adoption.
  • All cats are tested for FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) and cats over 6 months are also FIV tested prior to adoption.
  • All cats are microchipped before leaving the shelter for their new home.