Please Call First!

No matter what type of critter you find, ALWAYS CALL US before bringing any animal into the shelter: 603.628.3544.

If You Find a Cat

If you find a cat in Manchester, NH

  • If the cat is sick or injured, call us immediately (603-628-3544).
  • If the cat appears okay, make sure that it does not belong to someone in your neighborhood. Play detective. Ask around… make some calls. Hang some signs.
  • Once you are convinced it is a stray, call us. Depending on available space at the shelter, we’ll either make make intake arrangements or put you on our waiting list. We’ll also check to see if anyone has reported a similar cat missing in your area.

If You Find a Dog

if you find a dog in manchester nh

  • If the dog appears sick, vicious, confused or disoriented in any way, DO NOT approach it! Call the Manchester Police immediately (603-668-8711).
  • If the dog is physically injured, call us immediately (603-628-3544).
  • If the dog seems healthy and you do not recognize it from the neighborhood, call the Manchester Police Animal Control Division (603-628-6043). They will pick it up and transport it to the shelter.

If You Find a Kittens or Puppies

  • If the animals are in no immediate danger from people, predators, or expossure then leave them alone! Observe them from a distance for half an hour to see if the mother returns.
  • Never take (or scare) a nursing animal away from its offspring. Contact us for advice (603-628-3544). If at all possible, we will want to bring all of them into the shelter together.
  • If you end up taking the kittens/pups into your home, keep them WARM and call us immediately (603-628-3544)DO NOT try to care for them on your own. They cannot eat regular food at this age and will die very quickly without proper nourishment.
  • If the shelter is not open and you need immediate assistance with an animal health issue, contact the Veterinary Emergency Center of Manchester at 603-666-6677.
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