Fostering Dogs

The Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter is in need of foster homes for dogs and puppies. Every year the Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter saves thousands of animal’s lives. As the number of animals our shelter sees increases annually, so does the number of animals who need foster homes. By being a foster parent, you allow us to make a difference in the lives of even more animals. The animals that you help will go on to be adopted by loving homes. You will touch three lives in the process – your own, the foster animal and the adoptive family. What a rewarding experience!

Behavioral – dog needs some rehabilitative care in a home environment.

Hospice – perhaps the dog is old, has stayed with us a very long time and simply needs to be away from the very stressful shelter environment for a period of time or has some
sort of chronic medical condition. Hospice homes can be long term.

Puppies – Young puppies often do much better in a home environment where they can socialize and learn while they are waiting for their new homes.

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