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Quick-fix Clinic at the Manchester Animal Shelter

We are happy to be able to provide Sunday morning clinics at the Manchester Animal Shelter. Due to COVID, we have new procedures. So that our clinics will run smoothly, please follow these instructions: 

  • Drop off is at the Manchester Animal Shelter located at 490 Dunbarton Rd. in Manchester, NH at 9am (unless you've been directed otherwise). 

  • Please remain in your car. A staff member will come out to you. 

  • Please fill THIS form out to tell us about your cat/cats and to give us permission to spay/neuter your cat. 

  • Please pay for your clinic HERE.

  • Pick up is at 4pm unless you're told otherwise. You can ring our doorbell when you arrive. 

  • No food after midnight the day before for adult cats, no food after 7AM for kittens under 4 months. Water is ok. 

  • Please use a clean, safe carrier. One cat per carrier.

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