Children Supporting the Manchester Animal Shelter


Parties are a great way to support the shelter.

Kid’s having Birthday parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s, School fundraiser’s are just some of the great way’s to help the shelter. We are so lucky to have such great kids and their families help out with fundraiser’s and donations. Thank you everyone!!


These wonderful girls Gracie and Adie have been busy making bracelets and with the money they raised they bought supplies for the shelter dogs and cats. If you would like to purchase one, we have them at the shelter. Thanks Girls!!


Brynee had her birthday celebration yesterday she had her guest bring in donations to help the shelter. Thank you Brynee and hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Parker came in last night with lots of presents of toys and food for the animals. He wanted his parents to spend the money they would have spent on him for birthday presents on the animals! What a sweet generous boy! Happy Birthday Parker!


Liam donated dog & cat food and treats to the Manchester Animal Shelter in lieu of presents for his 7th birthday! Happy 7th Birthday Liam – so very generous and selfless of you!

Happy Birthday Girls!

These 3 lovely girls all donated money to the shelter in lieu of their birthday presents!! Happy Birthday girls!! The animals, staff and volunteers thank you so much for your generosity and thinking of the animals!!


Shannon donated treats and supplies to the shelter in lieu of birthday presents! Happy 10th birthday Shannon! Some really wonderful kids!


Gabrielle turned 12 and instead of her friends and family bringing birthday presents she asked them if they would like to donate to the Manchester Animal Shelter! $210 she raised for the shelter!!! Thank you Gabrielle for thinking of all the animals and Happy Birthday!!

Tic Tac Dots

Thank you to some of the lovely students of Tic Tac Tots Preschool in Hooksett! They treated our residents to lots of goodies and supplies! Thank you to everyone involved! Happy Holidays!!

Smyth Elementary

Thank you to the kids from the after school program from Smyth Road Elementary in Manchester ! They made bracelets and sold them to raise $200.00 for the shelter! You guys rock!
Mya BDay


For Mya’s 9th birthday instead of gifts she asked people to bring donations for the shelter. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Thank you so much Mya!
Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts

A BIG thank you to the Girl Scouts from Goffstown for donating supplies to the homeless animals of Manchester! Way to go girls! The animals, volunteers and staff thank you so much!