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Fostering Application


Manchester Animal Shelter foster form

Please fill out all the following information to the best of your ability

I am interested in fostering:
What type of dwelling do you live in?
Select an option
Do you have a fenced in yard?
Do you have any pets or animals living in the home?
Are the above animals friendly with other Animals??
Do you have any training experience ?
For dogs, Are you familiar with crate training?
Are you ok with administering medication?
Are you willing to transport the animal to the vet, animal shelter, etc.?
Do you have any phyiscal limitations?
Have you ever gotten a pre or post-rabies exposure shot?

Foster Guidelines - Please read and sign below

Thank you for considering becoming a foster parent for an Animal from the Manchester Animal Shelter (MAS).
The animals here at the shelter are termed “Random Source”. This means that we accept animals from all sources, including stray, abandoned, transported and homeless animals. THERE IS SOME RISK IN FOSTERING ANY ANIMAL from any shelter or humane organization since frequently we have no background information on the health and temperament of an animal or the information given to us is inaccurate. We attempt to evaluate all incoming animals for health and temperament problems, however full health and behavior screenings are not possible. Often certain types of problems will not demonstrate themselves until the animal is in a home situation, or a specific time period has passed (as in the incubation period of certain viruses). For those reasons, WE DO NOT AND CAN NOT GUARANTEE THE HEALTH OR TEMPERAMENT OF ANY ANIMAL and urge anyone fostering an animal to contact the Manchester Animal Shelter immediately should any questions about the animal’s health and temperament arise. Please sign the Foster Care agreement below, from which states that you understand and agree to accept the risk inherent in foster an animal whose health, temperament and medical history is uncertain.
Some of the animals at the MAS have come from abusive or negligent homes. As a potential foster parent, please be aware that most of these animals will need an abundance of patience, understanding, time, and training to make them adoptable companions. As a foster parent, you are being asked to give an animal basic care, socialization, and love in a home setting. Some of these animals may be pregnant females requiring a quiet place to bear, nurse and raise their young; still, others are ill or injured and need more attention and care than they can receive at the shelter while they recuperate properly; Others may be feral and in need of an abundance of kindness and understanding in order to gain the trust of humans. The purpose of fostering is to make these animals agreeable companions so that they be permanently adopted into loving homes. Fostering requires a great deal of time, devotion, and dedication, but is extremely rewarding and a vital part of the adoption process for many of the animals at the MAS. Supplies needed to maintain an animal such as food, bowls, litter and litter boxes for cats, may be obtained from the shelter as they are available; however, providing these supplies yourself if possible would be greatly appreciated so that the MAS may maintain an ample quantity of these items for the animals at the shelter.
Any veterinary medical attention a foster animal receives while in the Foster's care MUST be authorized by Shelter Management BEFORE the expense is incurred or the foster will be liable for the expense. Please keep in mind that this is an application to FOSTER an animal, not to ADOPT them. Foster animals remain the property of the Manchester Animal Shelter until they are adopted through the procedures established by the Manchester Animal Shelter. While we appreciate your efforts in helping us find a good home(s) for your foster(s), all persons interested in adopting an animal in foster care from MAS MUST go through the formal adoption application and approval process. Foster parents wishing to adopt some or all of the animals in their care must complete an adoption application that must be approved by the proper Shelter Staff.
Please take a few moments to ensure that all previous questions are answered correctly to the best of your ability, so that we may do the best possible job of matching you with an animal whose needs suit your lifestyle and circumstance best.


By electronically signing and submitting this form you are agreeing to comply with all rules and regulations found on this Foster Application form. I certify that the information I have supplied above is true and that any false statements may result in nullifying this application. I further understand that this application is the property of the Manchester Animal Shelter and will be retained by them. I also agree to contact the Manchester Animal Shelter at the time the animal(s) I have fostered are due back at the shelter to make arrangements to return the animal(s) to the Shelter.

Thanks for submitting our foster form!

Please be aware that as a stray facility for the city of Manchester, NH, we may not always have the correct fits.

We will try to respond when we can, but feel free to follow up by calling the shelter directly at 603-628-3544

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