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The Beginning

Long before the inception of Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter, a muted structure stood juxtaposed with the City of Manchester dump. It was a tan slab constructed of concrete. Nearly windowless, it was dark, dingy and incredibly small with little ventilation. The building housed homeless animals lost or abandoned on the streets of Manchester.  It was the city's animal pound.


Our Next Chapter

It's time.  Time for updating the kennels to provide comfortable, modern accommodations for the pets who were left behind.  Time to add more space for the wonderful donations of food and bedding received. Time to provide more shelter space for animals while waiting to find their forever home.  


This is Manchester Animal Shelter's year.  The only way this can become a reality is with the support of it's neighbors, community and businesses who provide donations as well as supporting their fundraising events  Won't you help support the shelter's growth to care for our community's most vulnerable furry companions

For the past 25 years Manchester Animal shelter has re-homed over 25,000 animals.  They give back to the Manchester community with programs, such as Fix a Pit, and Quick Fix along with a heavily utilized animal food pantry. Over 200 volunteers are the heart of Manchester Animal Shelter, dedicating their time to maintaining the building and cleaning kennels and cages, while more importantly, providing enrichment and love to the animals who are waiting for their forever homes.

The Transformation

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