Myths About Pit Bulls

1. Pit bulls have “locking jaws”

There is no truth whatsoever to this ridiculous myth. Dr. Brady Barr of National Geographic tested the bite pressure of three breeds (American Pit Bull Terrier, German Shepard and Rottweiler). The “pit bull” had the least amount of pressure. “Lock jaw” is just a silly myth.

2. Pit bulls “turn” on their owners

In general, dogs who bite or attack humans are set up to fail. Many times, if you look at the facts surrounding a dog bite, they involve unaltered dogs who are “owned” by irresponsible people. “Pit bulls” who live in a stable environment with a loving family are just like any other breed of dog. Categorizing or making generalizations about certain breeds is not productive and does not help to address the real issues at hand.

3. It is in a pit bull’s blood to fight

Unfortunately, pit bull type dogs, for generations, have in fact been used and bred to fight other dogs. Because of this, dog aggression can be a common trait with this “breed”. Dog aggression and human aggression must never be confused, however. By the same token, they were bred to be exceptionally easy to handle by humans and protective of young children.

4. It’s all in how you raise them

This is incorrect, and one of the biggest misconceptions people have. Dogs are individuals. They have different genes and each dog possesses different traits. We have rescued countless adult dogs from unspeakable circumstances. often times they will pass our temperament tests and are given a second chance. When placed in a stable environment, most thrive as family companions, despite their unfortunate upbringing.
In contrast, raising a dog from puppyhood doesn’t guarantee the “perfect” dog. Some dogs are specifically bred for the wrong reasons and can inherit bad temperaments or even aggressive tendencies. Again, temperament testing is extremely important with any dog.

5. Pit bulls make good guard dogs

The only reason a “pit bull” may “serve as a guard dog” is due to their intimidating looks. “Pit bulls” are generally great dogs who love people. They should never be made to look “scary” with cropped ears or spiked collars, or ever trained to “guard.” This could be very dangerous and only further damages the image of these wonderful dogs.

6. All pit bulls with cropped ears were used for fighting

Wrong again. Often times irresponsible dog owners crop their dog’s ears only because they want to portray “toughness”. Cropping a dog’s ears makes a dog look more intimidating. It is an unnecessary practice and furthers the negative image people have of pit bull type dogs.