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The Seniors for Seniors Companion Program at Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter allows senior citizens over the age of 65 adopt a senior cat or dog over the age of eight. The adoption fees for cats will be $25 and dogs will be $50. The adoption fee includes the animal spayed or neutered and up to date on shots. If you are interested in the program or would like more information contact the Shelter. All animals are microchipped before leaving the shelter, which is included in the adoption fee. Add content here.

“The critter with nine lives just might save yours. The risk of dying from a heart attack is 40 percent higher in people who never owned a cat, compared to people who have,” say researchers from the University of Minnesota’s Stroke Institute in Minneapolis. “Veterinarians chalk up most of the benefit to petting. The Repetitive action reduces cat owners’ heart rates, blood pressure, and stress levels.”

– Spirit Magazine

“Studies have shown that Alzheimer’s patients have fewer anxious outbursts if there is an animal in the home,” says Lynette Hart, PhD, associate professor at the University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. “Their caregivers also feel less burdened when there is a pet, particularly if it is a cat, which generally requires less care than a dog,” says Hart. Walking a dog or just caring for a pet — for elderly people who are able — can provide exercise and companionship. One insurance company, Midland Life Insurance Company of Columbus, Ohio, asks clients over age 75 if they have a pet as part of their medical screening — which often helps tip the scales in their favor.

– Taken from 5 Ways Pets can Improve your Health from

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