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FMAS has spayed and neutered more than 1000 of Manchester's Pit Bulls free of charge through our Fix-a-Pit program.


FMAS's food pantry distributes 35,000 pounds of pet food per year to needy families. 


FMAS rescues, rehabs and rehomes more than 900 companion animals per year.


FMAS's amazing volunteers have donated more than 26,000 volunteer hours! 


At the Manchester Animal Shelter, we believe all animals are deserving of life, respect and care. Our goal is zero-population-growth through spay/neuter programs and services that focus on education, medical care, fostering and adoption.

Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization which started in 1996. The shelter takes in homeless, abused, and abandoned animals in the city of Manchester. We provide shelter, medical care, and spay/neuter to every animal that comes through our doors. In operation for over two decades, the shelter has helped provide care and find loving homes for over 25,000 animals.

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