Barn Cats

An integral part of every barnyard scene, these hard-working kitties help keep barns rodent and illness free.

Here at the Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter, we believe that all animals are deserving of a good life. We get feral cats that cannot be released to the area they were trapped at, whether due to safety or not having a feeder.

For these scared or angry cats, we want to find them a safe, warm, home with food and water provided. A place that they can curl up and stay dry and warm during the worst New England winter storm. Small sheds, insecure structures, and most garages are generally not a good fit for Barn Cat placements.

A barn cat is still something that needs care and attention, while they may run from you and watch from a distance, their job is an important one and so is their care. If a barn cat sticks around, they can live 15-20 years and if they get hurt or sick, it is your responsibility to make sure they receive the medical care that they need. You will need to be provided with cat food and fresh water to keep them well-fed and healthy.

All cats sent out to a barn are fixed, vaccinated with age and time-appropriate shots, microchipped, tested for FeLV and FIV, and treated for fleas or ticks.

Apply to Help a Barn Cat

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