Planned Giving

The perfect tribute to their devotion is a lifetime gift to your community Shelter. 

Join the Manchester Animal Shelter’s Legacy Society, guaranteeing that lost and homeless animals have loving homes for generations to come. 

Through tax-favored ways of giving, you can make a bigger gift than ever imagined, and help more animals.  By combining charitable giving with your financial and estate planning, you will create a personalized, lasting legacy.  Whatever your personal goals or financial circumstances, you will enjoy the full tax benefits of collaborating with a qualified non-profit organization, like the Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter (FMAS).


Are you required to take your minimum IRA distribution, but you don’t need it?  The animals of your community do!  Please consider making a direct transfer of all or part of your distribution to the Manchester Animal Shelter.  Your gift will help lost and homeless animals and you may exclude the amount distributed to FMAS from your gross income.


What if all you had to do to ensure that the Manchester Animal Shelter can be successful for years to come is to write a simple sentence?  Sound impossible? Securing the future for puppies and kittens really is as simple as one sentence.  By including a gift to FMAS in your will, you can support their care tomorrow without giving away any of your assets today. For sample language please CLICK HERE.

Another wonderful way to support the animals you care about is to name Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter as the beneficiary on your:

  • Retirement Plan Assets
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Bank Accounts, CDs, or Brokerage Accounts

You simply fill out a form that is entirely separate from your will—which makes this approach another easy way to give.


Want to hear something that gets tails wagging?  The Manchester Animal Shelter can accept gifts of appreciated securities such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds and you may receive a tax benefit.  If you have owned them longer than one year, you pay no capital gains tax and can deduct the full fair market value if you itemize deductions.

Always consult with your tax or financial advisers to determine the best charitable giving strategies for you.

If you have already made provisions for FMAS in your will, we thank you!

For more information:

We are so grateful for your generosity. Please contact Pete McNamara at 603-628-3544 ext. 204 or to discuss how your gift can help people and pets in your community.

On behalf of the thousands of lost and homeless pets that will find homes through shelters this year, THANK YOU for supporting the Manchester Animal Shelter!