Helping Neglected & Abused Animals

The Tonka Fund, named for one of the most horrific cases of animal neglect and abuse FMAS has ever seen, provides animals that are the victims of neglect or abuse or who suffer from severe medical ailments with the medical care they need to live healthy and happy lives. Tonka now lives happily with his new family, and his survivor legacy lives on through The Tonka Fund.

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How the FMAS Tonka Fund is saving lives…

Manchester Animal Shelter

Hogwarts, now Mo, getting ready to go home with his new mom after his stitches were removed.

Seven year-old Hogwarts was brought to FMAS in October of last year. The first thing shelter staff noticed was a massive tumor growing out of his ear. If left untreated, the tumor would’ve eventually spread and taken Hogwarts’ life.

In January, Dr. Jim Herrmann of Countryside Animal Hospital in Hudson performed the surgery that saved Hogwarts’ life. The tumor was removed as well as his entire ear canal and bones of the middle ear. After his middle ear was cleared of any remaining tumor, healthy tissue was closed around the middle ear.

The procedure, called TECA or Total Ear Canal Ablation, costs thousands of dollars. Dr. Herrmann and the Countryside Animal Hospital generously discounted their rate. This discount coupled with the contributions to The Tonka Fund from people like you, made Hogwarts’ surgery possible.

Today, Hogwarts, now called Mo, has recovered from his surgery, and even though he will be deaf in one ear, he doesn’t seem to mind. He has settled into his new home and loves to snuggle on his mom’s lap.

Manchester Animal Shelter

Maisha before surgery.

Maisha came to us with a severe eye injury that absessed. She needed to have enucleation surgery (removal of the eye). Her sutures will come out next Wednesday and she will have completed her meds and will be available next Thursday for adoption. Even after all she has been through she is soooo super sweet!

EVERY animal that comes through our door we do whatever it takes to make that animal well and find that animal a wonderful home with a loving family! We never euthanize because we think this animal will be hard to adopt or their medical expenses are too much. We have a very very small staff compared to other NH shelters as we spend our money on the care of the animals compared to heavy staffing salaries so we can keep our overhead as low as possible as we rely heavily on our large volunteer base.

Manchester Animal Shelter

Maisha after surgery.

Please know when you donate to Manchester Animal Shelter your $$ are going towards to saving animals! If you’d like to contribute to Maisha’s care and the many many other animals like her that come through our doors every day please DONATE here to our Tonka Fund.

Please Donate to the Tonka Fund


The Story Behind the Tonka Fund – News Report: December 2010

A Pit Bull was found near death on a street in Manchester, N.H. The Manchester Animal Shelter is now caring for the dog, Tonka, who was discovered on Langdon Street. The animal was severely emaciated weighing only 29 pounds, covered in sores with exposed bone, and suffering from urine scalding.

Tonka Fund

Tonka before receiving care from FMAS.

On Dec. 27, concerned residents notified the shelter about the dog.

“This is the worst case of animal neglect and cruelty he’s seen in his history as a Manchester animal control officer,” said Officer Vogle, who is now asking for the public’s help in identifying the animal’s owner or owners.

Since Tonka’s discovery, the Manchester Animal Shelter has been covering the costs of his slow but hopeful recovery at the Veterinary Emergency Center of Manchester. Tonka has undergone two surgeries and has at least two more to go. Already, veterinarians have amputated the tip of his tail due to loss of blood flow. The shelter staff believe damage to Tonka’s tail, urine and feces on his body and sores on his spine and legs are from excessive time in a small crate.

Tonka FundThe Manchester Animal Shelter has established a “Tonka Medical Fund” to help cover the cost of his medical bills which neared $2,000. The shelter says pit bulls continue to be Manchester’s most abandoned and neglected animals. The shelter took in 357 dogs during this past year and more than half of them were pit bull or pit bull mixes.

Please Donate to the Tonka Fund