Adoption Process

Adoption Process

Some animals are not good with children, others require a lot of running room, and some are do not do well with other cats or dogs, so it is important that we know the type of environment the animal is going into.

If you would like to interact with a particular animal, ask a volunteer for assistance (never open a cage on your own!). If you happen to fall in love with a furry face, you will be asked to fill out an application on that animal. Please be aware that we may take multiple applications on an animal, so you do not “have” the animal until your application is reviewed and approved by management.

If the cat/dog is currently in a foster home, you would need to fill out an application at the shelter. If the application is approved, we would then set up a time for you to meet the
foster at the shelter.

We DO NOT provide online applications.

  • You must fill out our application and meet with an adoption counselor.
  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • You must show a picture ID with your current address. If this isn’t available, we will accept a picture ID with a current utility bill.
  • If you do not own your home, you must provide the name of your landlord and a phone number where he/she can be reached during the day.
  • If you own other pets (or have owned any in the past 7 years), we will need the name and contact information of your veterinarian.
  • For dogs – a “meet and greet” with current household dogs is required once the application is approved.
  • FMAS reserves the right to approve or deny adoptions at their discretion.